Dear Tim Ferriss’s Trash Can,


You have positively influenced my life for the last 4 years and I’m finally on the brink of living passionately and fulfilled; something no monetary amount could compensate for.


At work slowly frying my spiritual fire I had this odd thought to write you this letter. You must get hundreds of emails a day from solicitors so my intent is to write this for your waste basket.


No one could understand the stress and pain it causes an entrepreneur at heart to live an unadventurous employer captive life, unless of course you’re an entrepreneur at heart. Spending 50 plus hours a week fulfilling someone else’s aspiration while burying yours starts to hurt after a while.


I read the “4 Hour Work Week” when I finally reached a point where the pain of being an employee was just too much to burden. The book was enlightening, it was exciting, and I couldn’t help but think “yes, someone that gets it.”


I took my time and thought. Then took more time and ideated. Then brainstormed and then listened for that perfect idea to make a reality. I’m desperate, it has to be niche and I have to prove its ROI. Step by step I followed your outlined plan, creating a web site to gather statistics, using Google Analytics and Adwords and soon enough, sure as shit I had a future product with demand.


I quit my job and learned to program. The next 8 months consisted of living at my parents and starting every morning with a run through the gorgeously green pine tree filled woods of Maine and programming with a vision and purpose. It was ideal and extraordinarily fulfilling.


Eventually running out of money I needed to get a job. The pursuit of this vision helped me get a job at a consulting firm in Boston and over the last two years I've had the opportunity to work with some fairly big named clients.


While working by day and chasing a dream by night I've finally completed my vision and am a few short months away from monetizing it. Containing my ambition within the confines of my job has been one of the most challenging tasks I've had to face.


I guess I just wanted to say "Thank You." Because of your book I have a chance to express my intellectual creativity and live fulfilled.


I hope I get the chance to thank you in person some day.



Benjamin Labbe


PS. The intent is not to self-promote but if you're curious about the vision and the product here's the link to Steam.

The Vision: To make creating fun video games easy enough for anyone.